Resilience Education believes that learning isn’t just reserved for our students. We offer a number of opportunities to assist our clients in meeting their educational goals — and as our volunteers can attest, the time and talents they share pay dividends for them as well.  In our programs, the “point of change” comes when our participants and volunteers engage together on a path that harnesses their skills and brings about learning and growth.

“My experience with Resilience Education has been both challenging and fulfilling. Leading classes with the Socratic method has pushed me to learn with and from the students as they draw from past experiences to understand issues and make decisions. At the same time, it’s rewarding to use my privileges to dignify and empower people that are often forgotten by society.”
— Jasmin Church Darden MBA Class of 2018

We are currently seeking volunteers in the following areas:

Instruction – Talented teachers can be found in many places. We seek experienced educators, active or retired professionals, graduate students and other individuals interested in working with the populations we serve. Our curriculum relies on dynamic case-based discussions and our volunteers receive instruction in the Socratic method to ensure they are well prepared for the classroom.

Curriculum Development – Because our programs are based on Socratic, case-study method teaching, we seek assistance in developing new case materials for the classroom that can realistically present the challenges faced in the small business workplace, in financial decisions, and other situations relevant to our participants.  These case studies start with a problem and a protagonist and lead to appropriate prescriptions.

This type of volunteer activity is best for someone with skills and interests in narrative writing. You need not have written a business case study before. We can assist in the teaching objectives and structure of a case study. Your task will be to research, interview, draft and complete the case, and assist in the development of an accompanying teaching plan.

Research – In some of our programs, a business plan is a key deliverable in the learning experience. For our incarcerated participants, however, Internet access is not allowed and library materials may be outdated. We, therefore, seek assistance from individuals willing to research questions inmates and other populations with limited Internet access may have and are unable to find on their own.

Coaching & Mentoring – Supporting the populations our programs serve can take many forms. Along with providing research data, our programs benefit from external readers of business plans and other deliverables to offer participants constructive, critical feedback. We also seek volunteers willing to commit to provide advice and counsel to graduates of our programs as they  apply their new knowledge. We offer training for the coaching relationship and carefully match coaches and mentors to graduates.

“The thought of teaching a case was very intimidating and this feeling was amplified given that it was the first time and was taking place in a correctional facility. These worries washed away within seconds of teaching the case. The energy in the room was palpable. I did not have to manage dull moments; rather I had to manage all of the hands that I saw in the air. I left Dilwyn with a very satisfied feeling, confident that the case had a profound effect on the twenty students in the room."
— Chris McCann Darden MBA Class of 2012