Why Resilience Education?

As scholars and practitioners in the fields of education, business strategy and entrepreneurship, we have identified a gap in the educational services available to underserved populations. By underserved populations, we mean groups that heretofore are unlikely to be able to access university-quality education. These could be from a number of groups that could benefit from customized, educational interventions, but have barriers for multiple reasons. The populations we engage include prisoners, juvenile offenders, victims of domestic violence. However, we have notions of future programs that touch other populations with needs but limited resources to tap high quality, customized educational programs.

Our audacious belief is that access to these types of educational programs could help move our participants into greater economic stability and productivity in society. Ultimately, our intent is to benefit the individuals that we teach and the communities in which they reside (and which we live in ourselves). In short, all of us. We are necessarily engaged in the concept of community — and if you are an individual with similar goals or skills, or an organization looking to bring resilience to challenged groups, let us know. We recognize that community involvement is critical to the success of any change initiative, and invite you to help us in our efforts — lend a hand, sponsor a program, or simply make a donation.

Broadening the perspectives of those we serve
and those who serve

One of our primary objectives in this work is to build bridges and expand perspectives. Although it is clear that our work will expand the knowledge of our program participants, a secondary, and no less important goal is that we expand the perspectives of our volunteers.  We’ve already had our own lives changed by this work, and know that our past volunteers have as well. Something special happens in the classroom, for everyone involved. Our goal is that the knowledge gained has lasting impact.