Teacher Training

Teaching is craft. Although it may be inspiring and incredibly personally rewarding, quality teaching doesn’t just happen. The skills and capabilities necessary to convey challenging material requires thoughtful planning, background research and practice. At Resilience Education, we believe that managing often involves teaching and, thus, we offer pedagogical training to organizations that would like to integrate and deliver their own educational programs — or just improve their teaching practice.

The Socratic Method.  Our program philosophy is grounded in this centuries old, inquiry-based approach to learning.  Using case studies featuring relevant problems, our instructors build class discussions using a question-and-answer method that requires full student engagement in a dynamic back-and-forth dialogue that results in the delivery of key educational concepts. We have experienced Socratic method teaching from both sides of the classroom — as MBA students and as faculty. We believe in its efficacy and offer teaching seminars to individuals or organizations interested in creating a student-centered classroom experience. Our seminars have included professional educators at the secondary, collegiate and graduate levels, as well as training managers in non-profit organizations.

2012 MBA Student Faculty