Support our mission

If the work we’re engaging resonates, we welcome your involvement in making a difference. There are a number of ways that you can assist our students in making their transitions, and we list below a few. If you have other ideas, please email us.

Fund a specific project

If one of our efforts holds a specific interest, please contact us about how you might financially support our prisoner reentry programs, or our work on financial capability ( We are a tax-exempt, 501 (c)(3) organization and all financial support is tax deductible.

Fund our students’ course materials

In keeping with our Socratic method pedagogy, our curriculum primarily utilizes teaching materials drawn from the case bank of the Darden Graduate School of Business, and currently in use in the University of Virginia School of Continuing and Professional Studies Certificate in Entrepreneurship program. We also utilize a few novels, like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and a few entrepreneurship texts. These materials cost approximately $165 per student.

You can read more about the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and its curriculum here.

In-kind donations

Our programs can benefit greatly from non-financial, in-kind support. As an organization with an educational mission, we have a number of continuing needs and would appreciate your organizational or individual support. We list a few below:

  • Educational supplies. Our programs can benefit from a stock of educational supplies, including paper, pencils, pens and calculators.
  • Computers and Software. Our students have limited access to computers for their coursework, and writing projects like their business plans. Consider donating a laptop computer and software for the use in our programs.
  • Business texts. Although our participants have access to institutional libraries, they have voracious desire for books about business and entrepreneurship. Consider supporting the development of a library for our program’s use.

Scholarships for our students

Through our relationships with the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and School of Continuing and Professional Studies, we have been able to provide certificate credit to our program graduates. Having a certificate of completion is a powerful signal to potential employers of our graduates accomplishments and dedication. However, we are not able to provide the official credit for their work without donor support. For our initial pilot program, an anonymous donor provided funding support for the entire graduating class. If you’d like to provide scholarship funding, please contact us.

Support our students’ transitions

Our work is primarily focused on education prior to important life transitions. However, we recognize that there a number of real challenges after release from prison, or after leaving a violent living situation. We have been able to provide, with donor assistance, financial and non-financial support for individuals after they have graduated from our programs. These supports may include mentoring, assistance with wardrobe and business clothing, assistance with setting up a first savings account, or other ways you can help a student reenter our community.

Support our volunteers

Our educational programs draw on volunteers of many types: supporters that teach in the classroom, supporters that provide advice and counseling for our students, supporters that do research to support the work of our students. They do this work without regard to compensation, and their efforts are clearly valuable. Consider providing support for the expenses of our volunteers. For example, our MBA student volunteers drive over 2 hours to teach their sessions and are not provided a meal. Consider funding their travel, or providing them a meal (e.g., compensating their mileage or the costs of a lunch for their teaching).