Program Design & Delivery

As important as the content of any educational program is how it is delivered. Content and delivery go hand-in-hand. At Resilience Education, we partner with our clients to offer multiple options to ensure the successful execution of your program.

  • We Design-We Deliver. With this option, our team will work with you to design a program that fully meets your needs and delivers the content for you at your site. Our program management services will ensure you deliver the highest quality program to your participants. Services may include design assistance, program faculty, content and materials, scheduling and program support. In addition, we will design program evaluations and feedback instruments so that we can learn and improve your educational offering.
  • We Design-You Deliver. If you have skilled instructors and program management support available already, we can provide you the training and materials necessary to execute a high-quality program on your own.  Our Resilience Education team will help you design a powerful educational experience, including the selection and/or creation of content, and then we will train your instructors in the Socratic Method pedagogy to support its successful delivery.

Our team at Resilience Education have taught in traditional university settings, on corporate campus, in schools and behind prison walls. In short, our focus is on meeting students where they are, both intellectually and physically.